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Allise NobleWe at Creative 360 are doing what we can to reduce the spread of Covid-19, and while working from home, we continue to look for ways to foster creativity. Allise Noble, our Artshop Program Coordinator, quickly rose to the occasion with her tutorials on Facebook and now posted to our You Tube channel.
“My first concern was for our Artshop students and how much these art activities mean to them,” Allise explained. “I decided to try out these demos as a way to tide us all over and keep the creativity flowing.”
Allise’s demos offer a variety of art and craft projects that are accessible to most skill levels and use materials many of us already have at home. Check them out if you haven’t seen them yet and then follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our You Tube channel so you can stay up to date on new things as they are added.

Keeping in touch from home

In addition to her demos, Allise continues to communicate with Artshsop instructors to plan a full schedule of new and exciting classes, workshops, events and the second annual Artshop student and staff art fair for when Creative 360 is once again bustling with activity. She has additionally explored and registered Creative 360 for a platform that will enable more online classes and workshops. Watch for more on that!

Even though working from home is a big adjustment, Allise maintains her connections with Creative 360’s core staff and instructors via email, text message and Zoom meetings. “We no longer have the convenience of being in close proximity to ask a question or share an idea,” she said. “Luckily, we are a close-knit group that can communicate effectively even when unable to meet face to face.”

Allise’s at-home art studio

The hardest part for Allise is that she misses her students. “I am looking forward to spending time with our vibrant and loving group of Artshop students when we re-open,” she said. “I miss their big personalities, their jokes, and their hugs!”

In spite of the concerns and frustrations that come with adjusting to this new reality, Allise finds room for gratitude. She’s thankful for the extra quiet time to devote to growing her art skill as she practices new mediums and techniques. She encourages us all to learn something new that we wouldn’t have had time for weeks ago, and believes we can all come out of this better than ever!
Now, go grab some supplies and check out her tutorials. Then share your creations on Facebook and tag Creative 360 or send a picture via email to We’d love to hear from you and see what you’ve created!
Videos on You Tube and Facebook include: 
Stained Glass Tree Watercolor Demo
Gustav Klimt Inspired Collage Painting
Watercolor Tutorial
Vibrant Watercolor Marker Flower Demo
Wet on Wet Painting – Kittens
Mondrian Inspired Stained Glass Craft
Mixed Media Collage Tutorial
Van Gogh Inspired.Art Tutorial
Non-video tutorials offered on Facebook only are:  
Mid-Century Modern Tea Party – Butterflies on Tea Cups
Tea Party Lady Bug – Lady Bug on Tea Cups
Jellyfish Watercolor Tutorial.
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