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CURRENT EXHIBIT - through March 31


Generations: Father-Daughter-Works of Art - February 24 - March 31, 2023

Featuring Katie Truemner Bruessow & Mitchell Truemner

 We are delighted to feature the large-scale paintings of this exceptionally talented family in our Bayliss gallery.

Katie Truemner Bruessow attended Kendall College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration and a focus on Furniture Design. After graduating Katie worked in the mass production market in both home furnishings and painting, selling to companies like Ashley Furniture and Jeffrey Alans. Painting has always been the core of Katie’s creative work. Her creative process is set free by her loose style which is often reflected in her favorite subject matter - nature.

Mitchell Truemner attended Delta College with an art concentration in the late 70s. He has been the featured artist in Traverse City’s Michigan Artist Gallery and the Traverse City’s Opera House. Truemner’s abstract paintings evoke a sense of spirituality. He is greatly influenced by the wooded areas of northern Michigan, as well as the painters Joan Mitchell and Brian Rutenburg. On exhibit through 3/31.

Please view the online gallery HERE.
Opening Reception:
Friday, February 24 / 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Admission to all of our gallery exhibits is free and we are grateful for your donations that allow us to continue this policy. Call for weekend and evening hours.

13th Annual Artfest 55 Exhibtion - June 24-August 21

The 13th Annual Artfest 55 Exhibit opened June 24, 2022 at Creative 360.  You can view the entire online gallery HERE.

Awards were given to the following writers and artists:

Best Poetry – "At the Barber Shop" by Karla Cooper

Best Memoir – “The Mist of Memories” by Kip Cosan

Best Short Story – “Sakura Snow” by Nancy Renko

Best Photography – “In the Round” by Marilyn Soules

Best Two-Dimensional Art – “Two on the Beach”, oil on linen panel by Priscilla Olson

Best Three-Dimensional Art – “Putin's Pandemic Pogrom”, mixed media by James MaloneBeach

Best in Show – “Moon Goddess”, assemblage/collage by JoAnn Pobocik

Honorable mentions included Roger Reichmann for "The American Way" - assemblage, Pamela Hart for "Here Comes the Sun" - ceramic, Mike Buller for "Little Annie" - photography, Alan Maciag for "Ready for Storage" - oil on canvas, Don Bennett for "Diss Ease" - acrylic, Carol Lilly-Lacca for "End of Summer" - watercolor, and Carol Speltz for "Menage a Trois" - watercolor.

38th Annual Midland Artists' Guild Exhibition - April 29-June 18, 2022

This exhibition features a diverse collection of the work of MAG members showcasing creative explorations in many mediums including; painting, sculpture, photography, and fiber art. Awards will be announced during the opening reception. On exhibit through 6/18.  View the online gallery HERE

Admission to all of our gallery exhibits is free and we are grateful for your donations that allow us to continue this policy. Call for weekend and evening hours.

Opening Reception: Friday, April 29 / 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Art Quilt: The Mastery & Ingenuity of Designing Women - March 4 - April 24, 2022

Traditional quilting is considered one of the first examples of upcycling, making extensive use of remnants and offcuts for the creation of functional home products. Art Quilting takes this one huge creative step further, with a focus on artistic design over function. Designing Women is a group of traditional quilters who heeded the call to expand their creativity and explore the world of mixed media art quilts. This exhibition features the fantastical fabric art of Mary Brown, Missy Hall, Nancy Hill, Kathy Mallory, Leslie Peterson, Marcia Streeter, and June Waterman. On exhibit through 4/24.

You can visit the virtual gallery HERE.

Admission to all of our exhibits is free and we are grateful for your donations that allow us to continue this policy. Call for weekend and evening hours.
Opening Reception Friday, March 4 / 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Emerging Artists Exhibition - October 8 - November 7, 2021

The 1st Annual Emerging Artists Exhibition and Symposium opened on October 8th at Creative 360.  You can view the entire Gallery HERE.

Awards were given to the following artists:

Best 2D – “Upcycled Vacations” by Emily Swierzbin

Best 3D - "Color Study No. 1" by Emily Swierzbin

Best Photograph – “A Gold Pearl” by Melinda Gaal

Best in Show – “Fractured Landscape #41” by Dan Smith


12th Annual Artfest 55

The 12th Annual Artfest 55 Exhibit opened July 23, 2021 at Creative 360.  You can view the entire online gallery HERE.

Awards were given to the following writers and artists:

Best Poetry – “Damned Tittabawassee Dam Blues” by Steven A Griffin

Best Memoir – “Places on the Prairie; Places in the Heart” by Thomas Donahue

Best Short Story – “Rose” by Laura Vosejpka

Best Photography – “Moon Over the Depot” by Mark Winslow

Best Two-Dimensional Art – “Looking East”, oil on canvas by Alan Maciag

Best Three-Dimensional Art – “The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars”, ceramic by Pamela C. Hart.

Best in Show – “Take Time”, coiled basket by Chris Ann French.

Honorable mentions included Beth Bynum for “Big Blue Barn”-mixed media, Patty Carlson for “Loneliness” – photography, Priscilla Olson for “Clear Morning” – oil, Judy Wood Thurston for “Trio in Red” – watercolor, and Laura Vosejpka for “Juxtaposition” – photography.


2021 Midland Artists Guild 37th Annual Exhibition

Best in Show:  "Venetian", Allise Noble; First Place: "Autumn, Lost", Victoria L. Parker; Second Place: "Where the Light is Held", Allise Noble.Awards of Excellence:  "Phragmite", Donald Ruff; "Les Merveilleux Escaliers", Marilyn Soules; "Whiting Forest", Charles BonhamAwards of Merit:  "Little Town', Jasminka B. Blazina; "Blossoms in the Wind", Becky LitehrlandMember's Choice:  "Let's Stick Together", Carol Nutter.

You can access the online gallery HERE.


MULTIPLICITY is an exhibition featuring the work of a family of artists.  Carol Speltz, the mother, is a photographer and painter.  Her love of nature serves as inspiration reflecting the beauty, strength, and fragility of moments in time. Daughter Alayne works in a variety of media:  painting, drawing, metal work, and photography.  She draws her inspiration from her spiritual life path and principles as much as from processes. Daughter Chandra creates luminous portraits, layered multimedia pieces, and fine art photography.

Kawkawlin River II (12 x 12 - Photography on metal), C. Speltz, $200

You can visit the online gallery HERE.

INTENTIONS: An Exhibition of Purpose and Desires

“At Creative 360, we are all about providing opportunities for all people to experience, express, and expand their creativity,” remarked Executive Director, Laura Vosejpka.  “We hope the process of creating art will help people to visualize their intention.  After all, as Jackson Pollock once said, ‘Painting is self discovery.  Every good artist paints who he is.’”

Breakaway (2) by Lydia Herschauer (SOLD)

INTENTIONS: An Exhibition of Purpose and Desires opened on Friday, February 19, 2021 in the Creative 360 Gallery at 1517 Bayliss Street.  Anyone of any age or ability could submit visual or written art for this exhibit.  The key rules were that the art must be original and in some way be representative of an intention for 2021.

You can access the online gallery HERE

Art in Isolation:  Creating in the Time of COVID

The exhibition features the art of Valerie Allen, Charles Bonham, Sara Clark, Jeanne Fisher, Avram Golden, Ann Kowaleski, Matt Lewis, Alan Maciag, John McCormick, Jody McDonald-Rider, Armin Mersmann, Mike Mosher, Johanna Paas, Steve Parkhurst, Mark Piotrowski, Wilma Romatz, Stacie Rose, Sally Rose, Thomas Tomasek, Nancy Vader-McCormick, and Rebecca Zeiss.

You can access the online gallery HERE.

Express Yourself Artshop, Do-Art Studio and Gallery, and The Arnold Center

Enjoy this exhibition of art created by people in our region who are served by three organizations: Creative 360’s Express Yourself Artshop; Do-Art Studio & Gallery; and The Arnold Center.  Each of these organizations has a focus on making arts opportunities accessible to everyone.  The exhibit opened Friday, September 11 and features 48 pieces of 2D and 3D art. Some is available for purchase!  You can enjoy our virtual gallery online. It is always free to attend one of our exhibits. Donations are welcome!

2020 Artfest 55

Welcome to the 11th annual Artfest 55 festival celebrating the creativity of Michigan residents who are age 55 and over. This year, there were 109 entries in the visual art categories and 19 pieces of creative writing. Winners in each category were announced in an opening reception Friday, July 10. Enjoy the virtual exhibit of the art accepted into the show here. It was on exhibit through August 30. Thanks to award-winning photographer Charles Bonham for the beautiful photos of each piece.  You can access the online gallery HERE.

Midland Artists Guild (MAG) 36th Annual Exhibition

This exhibition was almost canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Governor ordered closures. Instead, it became the first Creative 360 exhibit to be offered both online and in our gallery. These 58 works in 2D, 3D and photography represent 22 artists. Thanks to award-winning photographer Charles Bonham for the beautiful photos of each piece. It was on exhibit through July 2, 2020.

You can access the online gallery HERE.

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