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Louis Thurston

Artshop is helping Louie discover his capabilities.
Louie loves Artshop because the students and staff are like a family. “Artshop also gives me a chance to be a leader,” he said. Louie has been a part of Artshop since he first moved to Midland. In the beginning, he enjoyed participating in Woodshop and being part of our ACTing crew. As time went on, he wanted to do more; he wanted to give back to the program he loved. Now Louie serves as stage manager for Artshop’s Community Theatre. He coaches students that need extra help with their lines, facilitates dress rehearsals, and even leads class rehearsals when the instructor is out. When he served as MC for Artshop’s first talent show, he was able to roll with the punches as we experienced some technical issues with the sound system. Louie kept the audience entertained by telling jokes while we got things up and running.

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