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Colleen Dolan

Artshop is Colleen’s happy place.
Colleen’s mom, Kathy, serves as a volunteer advisor and supporter for Artshop. Early in the program, she shared that Colleen had told her that Artshop was the happiest place on earth. She has been to Disney World multiple times! Colleen is an important fixture at Artshop, and if you’ve ever stopped in the lower level to visit while classes are going on, you’ve likely seen her smiling face. Colleen takes a full schedule of classes, and is at Creative 360 trying new things almost every day of the week. She easily moves from drawing to sculpture to acting to cooking. Over the years, we have watched Colleen’s confidence blossom to become the vibrant, outgoing artist and leader that she is today. She has a kind and gentle spirit and often reaches out to a student who seems to be having a hard day. Colleen is also a quiet helper when she notices an instructor rushing to clean up and prepare for the next class. Colleen is a big part of what makes Artshop the loving and cheerful place that it is.

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