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Artshop Stories - Sarah Geisert

Artshop student Sarah Geisert

Sarah Geisert

Artshop helps Sarah get healthy. 

Sarah has been a regular in our Artshop cooking class since we added it to our programming. "Cooking Made Easy" breaks delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner down into simple steps and focuses on using fresh, easy-to-find ingredients. Students learn that they can make quality food that is tasty enough to serve at a dinner party without a mile long grocery list. Opting to cook more often has helped Sarah reach her goal of maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
"I've learned so many skills from the Artshop cooking class that I can use every day. I eat at home a lot more now, and have lost 50 pounds. I feel so much better."
Sarah was previously nervous about using knives to cut vegetables on her own while cooking. As she's grown in confidence through practice in a safe environment, she is now able to do a lot more independently.
Sarah also enjoys our dance party and yoga fitness classes that make exercising fun and accessible.


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