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Art Quilt: The Mastery and Ingenuity of Designing Women Exhibit Opening at Creative 360


On Friday, March 4th, Creative 360 opens a new exhibit showcasing high level fabric arts. Art Quilt: The Mastery & Ingenuity of Designing Women features seven quilting artists: Mary Brown, Missy Hall, Nancy Hill, Kathy Mallory, Leslie Peterson, Marcia Streeter, and June Waterman, who journey beyond traditional quilting and into a world of color, design and storytelling.

“Traditional quilting is a perfect mash-up of function and art,” explained Creative 360’s Curator Colleen Reed. ”The original upcycling art, quilters found ways to create a functional, yet pretty, item with castoffs and leftovers.  These artists, however, take things to a much higher level.  For them it is all about the artistic merit and design takes precedence over everything.  They treat the quilt as a canvas and the fabrics and threads as others might use paints. The result is truly magical.”

Each of the nearly forty pieces in this exhibit tells a unique story. One piece entitled: Open Minds + Diversity = Creative Community speaks to the coming together of a community of very different personalities. Artist Marcia Streeter uses opposing Meyers-Briggs colors merging in the middle to represent positive interactions as people come together.  Streeter will dedicate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this piece to Midland’s Open Door.

“My inspiration for this piece was my sense that we are in a time when we need each other more than ever,” remarked Streeter. “As the colors in the quilt begin to merge, they meet in the center and result in a creative design – even the thread flow is used to tell the story of coming together.”

The Exhibition Opening will be March 4th from 7-8:30 pm and will be displayed through April 24th. Admission to the Creative 360 Gallery is free, donations are always welcome to support this practice. Let us know you are coming online at or by calling the arts center at 989-837-1885.

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