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Improv 101 Brings Quick Witted Fun to Creative 360

Jan 14, 2022, Midland, MI. –Ever think of that perfect one liner response too late? Ever
have an exciting idea you are afraid to speak out loud or wonder how it feels to inspire
laughter? Creative 360’s Improv 101 aims to change all that.
“Part of our mission is to enhance physical, mental and spiritual wellness through the
arts, and improv does just that. Accepting others ideas and building on them in a space
free of judgement can be extremely therapeutic.” said Creative 360 Program Director
Colleen Reed.
Instructor Ariel Rak got hooked on improv after following his son to a class and has
since spent time studying and performing short and long form improv with Magnet
Theater in New York and the N.J. School of Dramatic Arts, programs whose students
worked with 30 Rock, The Onion, The Colbert Report, and more!
”Learning improv trains you to become a more positive person, a better team player,
and it hones your listening skills,” says Rak, a member of both ComedySportz Detroit
and ComedySportz Jersey Shore. “This class will also allow you the freedom to take
risks in a supportive environment.”
“Ariel makes improv fun and easy!” said participants in his recent Intro to Improv class.
Natalie Slawnyk of Midland said “Improv keeps your mind sharp. I had so much fun in
the Improv Basics class. It really resonated with me that he talked about being confident
in a big way even if it means to fail big!”
“This is not just for theatre people.” said Public Relations Coordinator Laura Brigham.
“Improvisers think quickly on their feet, learn to incorporate ideas from others, and show
growth in confidence. Who doesn’t want that?”
Improv 101, for adults 18+, will be held Monday nights 7:00-8:30pm starting Jan 24th.
Participants must preregister by 1/21.The cost is $100 for 10 classes.
Registrations are being taken online at or by calling the arts center at

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