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Life Between Time Opens September 2

Life Between Time, an annual exhibit featuring the work of local artist JP. Aleksander, opens this Thursday in Creative 360’s Bayliss Street Gallery.  The show features more than 45 of Aleksander’s oil paintings which feature surrealism in combination with patterns found in nature and science.

“This exhibit is unique for many reasons,” remarked Curator and Program Director Colleen reed.  “JP. Aleksander invites us to reconsider our perceptions so that we can open our minds and question the world around us.”

An engineer by training, Aleksander is a self –taught artist who began his foray into the visual arts while growing up in Poland.  He has spent the last 35 years in Michigan applying his creative vision to establish over 80 patented scientific innovations.  He now channels that same imagination and rigor into his work as an artist.

Aleksander asks the viewer to follow along with him on a journey through landscapes suspended in single moments in time, considering that what we perceive can shift based on the associated memories and emotions.  Additionally, the collection contains a number of works that the viewer is invited to pick up, turn and review from a new perspective in order to gain a new view and opinion.

“Time accelerates, bends, slows and even stops in our memories,” said Aleksander. “When I paint I have no perception of past or future.”

The exhibit opens on Thursday with a reception at 7 pm.  The artist will speak about his work and light refreshments will be served.  The event is free and open to the public and donations in support of this policy are gratefully welcomed.  The exhibit is on display until October 1, 2021.

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