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Yes We Can! is back featuring Larry Lage on September 15th

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Creative 360 is excited to announce the return of the Yes We Can! series.  Yes We Can! is a program that recognizes and honors those aged 80 and over in a way that respects their knowledge and taps into their legacy of creativity. This multi-faceted series was created for people of all ages to experience, giving participants ongoing opportunities to engage with and learn from a dynamic group of senior presenters and educators.

Yes We Can! events usually take place in winter, but with COVID-19 disruptions, we are offering some throughout the year.

A Tribute to Larry Lage (95)
Educator, World War II Marine Veteran, Volunteer Extraordinaire

Wednesday, September 15 · 2:00 – 4:00 pm
RSVP required by 9/7   – No Charge
Hors d’oeuvres by Windover Culinary Arts

Larry’s joy in life has always come from service to others. It began during World War II where he served his country as a proud member of the US Marines and eventually resulted in over 70 years of service to youth as a teacher. Larry enjoyed 50 wonderful years as a high school teacher in Troy, Michigan and when he ‘retired’ he continued to spread the love of learning by volunteering for 20 years at Windover High School in Midland. Larry believed that there was no greater privilege than to help a child reach their full potential and this desire to change the world one student at a time rubbed off onto his own children as two of the five of them are also school teachers!

Being a teacher takes great patience, which might explain Larry’s passion for the game of golf!  He learned the game from his uncle when he was only 9 years old and has been playing ever since, only recently choosing to tee off at the senior tees.

A man of many talents, Larry and his wife Paddy Kutchey owned a Bed & Breakfast together where Larry not only served as the head chef (he is a marvelous cook!), he also was licensed to marry couples who said their wedding vows there. He and Paddy made the perfect team, she with the Honey-Do List and he with the building expertise.

More recently, Larry has served the Midland community by delivering Meals on Wheels and by taking clients to appointments. He and Paddy participate in Global Compassion Inc. and are honored to be able to improve the lives of students around the world, providing the resources that they need to have the brightest future possible.

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