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September is “Good Vibes Karma Month” at Creative 360 located at 1517 Bayliss St. in Midland. After months of change and uncertainty brought about by Covid-19 and the flood, the nonprofit decided it was time to help the community focus on positive energy. With an aim to offer a variety of peaceful and meditative experiences, the month is sprinkled with music, creative projects and wellness activities.

A Good Vibes Community Meditation Flag project kicks things off. These meditation or prayer flags have a long history and tradition. It is thought that as these flags fly in the wind and elements, the intention that was used to make them – peace, love, kindness, harmony, energy – moves out into the surrounding world. Everyone in the community is invited to help fill Creative 360’s space with these beautiful, positive energy flags! Adding yours to the display is simple and free! Stop by Creative 360 and pick up a free kit that includes everything you need, including a link to an instructional video from Julie Welsh to create three flags. Keep two and deliver one back to Creative 360 in September to add it to the display, which will start on September 14. Link to instructional videoLink to written instructions.

Meditation flags aren’t the only way you can participate. The variety of activities are listed below and make it possible for every community member to be involved.

Go to Creative 360’s website at or call 989-898-1807nto register for these events or any of their other activities.

September is Karma Month! Check out the programs & events planned for you! Read more