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Welcome Spring

Photo: Carol Speltz

This spring, with covid-19 restrictions in place across the world, we find ourselves with more time for reflection. The need to find contentment in home-bound time in line with social distancing mandates, this is a perfect time to revisit your creativity.

To begin with, do things that can help relax your mind and body. Getting outside to check for signs of spring (snow drops or crocus emerging, buds forming on branches, the color of green peeking up here and there) can be refreshing. Breathe in the new air. Twirl your arms and let your imagination take you away. Turn on your favorite music. Begin.

What is creativity? Where does it come from? Do we all have it, or is it a gift to just a few of us? What can we do to be more creative?

Here at Creative 360, we believe that everyone can be creative! Young and old. Are you aware that our current Yes We Can! exhibit displays the works of “artists” who are more than 80 years of age? Some discovered the joy of creativity when very young; others not until in their 50’s, 60’s or later.

Some people “allow” the flow to come or follow the “urge” more than others. Everyone, however, does have the ability to self- express through visual art, music, drama or other outlets that we label art. “Creativity is the ability to pull things out of one’s self or the universe or wherever you think stuff comes from, and give it shape and form” said songwriter and artist Wendy Hale Davis. Let go of anxiety and pre-conceived ideas about end product and free yourself to look at the world with new eyes. Look at possibility and find inspiration. Perhaps your inspiration to start a journal to record your thoughts will come while sitting down with a cup of tea. 

Make a list of the creative things that you can do:

  • Make up songs in the shower.
  • Invent bedtime stories to share with loved ones.
  • Cook something wonderful: from SCRATCH.
  • Take some pictures with you cell and practice iphonephotography. Download SnapSeed app.
  • Try painting on any paper with coffee, tea, ink or watercolor. Let the fluids flow.
  • Follow along to create with one or more of the videos our Artshop Program Coordinator Allise Noble is offering on the Creative 360 Facebook page.

Consider this: Imagination is defined, loosely, as mental creativity. It’s when you think up new things, getting ideas you haven’t had before and haven’t been exposed to anywhere else. Innovation is changing or altering something new to an existing object. Bleach the color out of an old sweat shirt (better yet, use dye and rubber bands to make patterns create change) or add buttons or embroidery to an existing shirt. The act of saving, mending or transforming an object so that it can continue to be useful is being creative.

With encouragement, and a willingness to experiment and let go, anyone can be creative. Use this extra time now to explore and have fun. Give yourself permission to play. Be creative!

Carol Speltz
Interim Executive Director

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