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We are engaged in preparing an improved experience for you when you visit our website. The site will continue to have our familiar branding, but with a cleaner and clearer layout. News will be prominently displayed at the top of the page, and you will be able to see the schedule of classes and even register directly from the home page.

Figure 1 Classes will display on the home page in order by month.

You will also be able to filter the list of classes down to display only the types of programs you want to see.

Figure 2 Choose to see courses in a particular category to display only what you want to see. e.g., Children & Teens

You will also be able to access the information from the navigation bar that you’ve always been able to access – along with some enhancements with drop down menus.

These changes will be implemented (some of them already are!) a bit at a time with full implementation by August 26 when the new fall schedule is announced.. Please let us know what you think of the changes as we go. We appreciate your critique!

Why the change?

Our update three years ago helped our website meet the standards of the time and we received wonderful feedback from all of you and also from agencies who report on such things. At the same time, issues would come up about the speed (or lack thereof) of the site or that you found it confusing. While an improvement, it was also slow and a bit cumbersome on the back end where Creative 360 staff loads the information. As a result, we have kept an eye out for creative upgrade opportunities. And one day, Joannah came to us with a solution that not only assists with the speed and clarity issues you’ve experienced, but speeds up the processes on the back end!

“The new system will improve our customer experience and streamline our in-house processes at the same time,” Joannah explained. Well Ureka! She is right! From scheduling new classes through to financial reporting, the new system eliminates a number of manual steps and tracking programs we’ve been using.

“As careful stewards of the monies we receive from grants and individual donations, the Creative 360 staff and board keep a continual eye toward process improvements that save time and money,” said Executive Director Carol Rumba. “This new registration, management and reporting system is an economical way to streamline our current practices allowing us to redirect efforts toward meeting the needs of the community.”

Watch the website. Let us know how you like the changes. Your visual and registration experience is the most important aspect of any system we implement.

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