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Annabelle Seymore

Annabelle SeymoreYes We Can! Exhibition Artist Annabelle Seymore will be honored at a Tuesday Tribute on April 11, 2-3:30 p.m. at Creative 360. Tuesday Tributes are hosted by Creative 360’s former Executive Director Carol Speltz, and offer an opportunity to hear from an array of fascinating octogenarians about their lives, their creative process, and their adventures. There will be lively conversation, tea, treats, and time for Q&A. Cost is $5.

Raised on a farm in Ithaca, Annabelle Seymour always loved creating art. She remembers telling her mother she wanted to be an artist when she was only five years old. After graduation, Seymore moved to Saginaw, married and had three children. When her youngest child turned five, she decided there must be more to life than laundry and housework, and begin painting seriously.

She painted regularly, honing her craft, and later took lessons at the Saginaw Art Museum. She has attended workshops and classes ever since.

Seymore loves painting from memory and painting nature. She still feels she hasn’t reached where she needs to be in her art, although she’s been painting for more than 60 years. She paints nearly every single day.

Two of her paintings, Stream and Dead Wood and Woodland Floor, were part of this year’s Yes We Can! Exhibition.

Future Tuesday Tributes include:

Woodland FloorApril 18:  Marge Darger (82), Peace Activist, Lay Minister

April 25:  Barbara Meyer (81), exhibition artist

Creative 360’s Yes We Can! events run through May and are sponsored by The Barstow Foundation, Gavin & Associates, NADA Northwood University, Space Studios and Balanced Living Chiropractic. The events include an art exhibition, eight luncheon soirees, six Tuesday Tributes and a tea to honor mothers.

Yes We Can! is a program designed to honor and celebrate artists, scholars, scientists and community leaders who are 80 and above from across the Great Lakes Bay Region in a way that respects their knowledge and taps into their legacy of creativity. People of all ages enjoy the opportunity to engage with this dynamic group through their art, artist talks, luncheon soirees and more. For more information about each event, go to Creative 360’s website at or call 989-837-1885 to request a print brochure.

If you know of someone who is 80 or older who should be considered as part of future Yes We Can! programs, please contact Creative 360 at 989-837-1885 or by email at

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