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martinka-thoma3 Nations is a musical exploration of the cultural history of David Martinka and Matthew Thoma. On October 22, they will deliver an evening of diverse music from the cultures of Slovakia, Seneca and Anglo America. The concert begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Creative 360 Gallery. Tickets are $12.

David Martinka is a national award winning artist who performs on the Native Slovak courting flute and the American wood flute. David blends the beautiful sounds of handmade flutes from his Slovakian roots and his love for the Native American flute into songs that are healing, meditative, loving and spiritual. The result is a step back into a time when the flute was used to heal the soul and to bring peace to people’s hearts.

Matthew Thoma is a national award winning artist who draws upon his Seneca Native American heritage to interweave the sounds of the American Wood flute with contemporary themes and instruments to produce a harmonious mix of ancient healing songs with modern rythms and styles.

Each will perform an individual set and then join together to take you on a journey that will remind you to enjoy, relax, and to care and heal your inner self. Pre-register by calling 989-837-1885 or online.

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