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Art of Friends Exhibit Opens TONIGHT!

Art of Friends ExhibitionCreative 360 will host “The Art of Friends” exhibition beginning with an opening reception Thursday, May 5 at 7:00 pm. The exhibit features the work of four exceptional artists – Sue Ellison, Kathy Jones, Kathleen Sullivan and Sally Young – who, for more than 20 years, have also been friends. The opening reception offers a chance to talk to the artists and enjoy their work. Refreshments will be served. There is no charge to attend.

Sue Ellison has experimented with a variety of approaches, but has always returned to her traditional roots in realism, aspiring to express her ideas in a way that reflects today’s world. “You can look at my artwork and see what I value,” said Sue Ellison. “I draw and paint the things I love, places I like to visit, people I care about, and things that fascinate me. I hope viewers experience the same passion and awe I have for the world around us when they look at my work.”

Kathy Jones, on the other hand, paints large oil abstractions. “I am influenced by many techniques and symbols that represent energy,” she explained. “I love to use complementary colors to create visual energy and symbols that represent energy such as the spiral and mandala.”

Kathleen Sullivan’s focus is portraits, especially those drawn from her close circle of friends and family members. “The full frontal pose continues to interest me,” she said, “but now I’m including more of the figure, adding to the complexity of the subject. I’m also working in color using pastels and mixed media on paper.”

Sally Young has been intensely receptive to the sensory stimuli of the natural world since childhood, and has always been curious about why and how it works the way it does. “Because we have evolved in the presence of this world, it resonates within us.  My work is a celebration of the natural world.”

These works will on exhibit through June 24.

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