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Yes We Can! kicks off the New Year!

Yes We Can! logoYes We Can…have a happy new year, especially when the Yes We Can! program commences in January! Yes We Can! is designed to share the wisdom and experiences of people over 80 while stimulating, encouraging and motivating others to be more active and to realize by example that they also can continue to be contributing community members. The program began in winter 2014. In response to positive feedback and demand for more programs, Yes We Can! is now an ongoing signature program for Creative 360.

Creative 360 has developed an innovative program to recognize and honor those 80 and over in a way that respects their knowledge and taps into their legacy of creativity. This amazing and often overlooked segment of the population offers a wealth of experience and knowledge that should be shared with people of all ages. Our multi-faceted series is open to all ages and offers programs in poetry, music, art and science. It will give participants ongoing opportunities to engage with and learn from a dynamic group of senior presenters and educators. In response to positive feedback and

This group of 70 Great Lakes Bay artists, scientists and community leaders will share their stories and experiences through performance, lecture, discussion and an exhibition that express and showcase their creative thought process. The events take place from January through May 2015.

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